8 week course participants:

“I have enjoyed the sessions, particularly the second half of the eight. This is probably because I began to understand what you were talking about rather more clearly. I guess it takes a while to get into it. Again, many thanks for your very warm and clear direction.”

“Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise with us and giving us so generously of your time. I found the sessions deeply helpful.”

” I write to say formally how grateful we are to you for running the mindfulness sessions. The fact that we wanted more and kept all turning up, speaks for itself. The ready and relaxed rapport through Zoom that you achieved, showed your considerable expertise and talent. So many, many thanks.”

“Has really made a difference to all aspects of my life. I will definately continue to practice”

“An excellent course. Helen is a wonderful patient and kind tutor. I have learnt so much from completing the course.”

“I have benefited from the practice on the course and the group format was very supportive. Highly recommended with a knowledgable and very helpful instructor. It’s created new, good habits”

“Helen is excellent at getting the group to interact in a gentle way. Very helpful”

“I just wanted to thank you for a really interesting 8 weeks of Mindfulness. I wrote down my key prompt words – they are Breathing, Kindness, Acceptance, Awareness and Choice.”

One to one sessions:

“I have spent my life running away from things that were difficult and painful. Since our session today I stopped running. It is truly skillful how you help people to work with the language of the body and of sensation. Thank you for being true to your deep well, and what it is you bring to people like me.”

“Thank you for your time. I always feel a lot calmer and more relaxed after I have seen you”

Work participants:

“I enjoyed participating in this course, it helped me open my mind and be more aware of the present and things around me, helped me identify what brings me calm and reach for that in times of stress, it helped me identify my anxiety triggers and understand how I react and why, helping me cope with day by day tasks at work and home when I feel overwhelmed.”

Retreat participants:

“I enjoyed Helen’s approach to teaching; an investigation and exploration of the subtle. Loved it! Every session was interesting, informative and enjoyable. Yanai and Helen were amazing. They had such warmth, love and support for all.”

“Your talk tonight was very moving to me. How I relate to my body has been a frictional relationship for some time and I often feel rather stuck within. Your embodiment of your teachings has been very inspiring to me and I’m deeply grateful for your talk this evening”

“Thank you for holding the space in such a beautiful way. Your softness and your passion have facilitated my gradual entry into the process with love and light and many blessings”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much. I have loved this yoga and Pranayama practice. It has done me so much good. Thank you”

“I just wanted to say I have found the yoga sessions amazing. Also I have become more aware of my body and breath in general. Thank you”

Mindful yoga:

“I often feel as though I’ve not done anything and then afterwards, I can feel I have. It’s so good. My shoulders and my upper back are more relaxed, I feel more centred and my tension due to stressful week has dissolved.”