Helen Stephenson

Helen has spent a life time dedicated to the practice and study of yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, meditation and counselling. She feels she can bring the wealth of her experience to benefit her clients. Helen Stephenson is a level 3 mindfulness teacher and is qualified as a trainer of mindfulness teachers. She trained with Dr. Patrizia Collard, founder of entermindfulness and with Jody Mardula and Cindy Cooper of the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University. She is the co-author of the Mindfulness diet and the Mindfulness cookbook. Helen also holds a Masters from Hamburg University. Her further qualifications include:

  • counselling diploma (couples, families and individuals)
  • certificate in conflict clarification with Dr. Christoph Thoman in Switzerland
  • training in communication psychology with Prof. Schulz von Thun and team from Hamburg University
  • Senior yoga and Pilates Teacher with Yoga Alliance
  • certified back care instructor, specializing in Scoliosis
  • visiting teacher at Gaia House in Devon over the last 10 years

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David Preston

David provides marketing and strategic support. He has recent experience of training in mindfulness practice, reinforced by attending retreats at Gaia House, Trigonos with Bangor University and the Othona community. He has 37 years of experience of living and working based in Milton Keynes including senior management appointments with Universities and charities.

Dr Collard

Dr Collard works as a university lecturer and is an accredited BABCP Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP and a member of the Association of Coaching. Her organisation, Enter Mindfulness, is a member of the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations and as such follows their good practice guidelines. Dr Collard leads the Mindfulness Teacher Development Programme.
Dr Collard is a psychotherapist, trainer and coach offering a unique combination of professional qualifications and personal experience. She is a member of UKCP Association for Coaching and is always in touch with current developments in her field of expertise.
She has written and co-written a number of publications on the subject of mindfulness, most recently MBCT for Dummies, Journey into Mindfulness, Mindful Compassion, The mindfulness diet and the mindfulness cookbook.

Dr David Brown

Dr David Brown joins us on retreat where his knowledge and skilled, gentle approach on the subject of meditation is invaluable.
He has practised Buddhist meditation for over 35 years. He takes a non-sectarian approach valuing all schools of Buddhism and has broad experience of Zen/Chan, Theravadin and Tibetan methods of meditation.
Dr Brown has over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical / biotechnology industry both in research and in senior executive roles. Since 2005 Dr Brown has pursued a portfolio of roles dedicated to bringing new medical treatments to both the developed and developing world. He has been heavily involved with OneWorld Health, San Francisco, where his work, and that of the organization, is dedicated to bringing medicines to the poorest of the poor in the world. He is also co-founder and Chairman of a charity (FMVSO) supporting a school and orphanage for destitute children in India.

Dave Austin

Dave has a well established meditation practice and attends meditation retreats on a regular basis. He has many years’ experience as a teacher, group-worker, trainer and management coach, helping people to make the changes they want to make. Dave has qualifications in teaching, training, counselling, coaching and mindfulness. His mindfulness training has been undertaken with Enter Mindfulness in London. He receives regular supervision and adheres to the standards of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers good practice guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses.

Karen Cleary

Karen first discovered the benefits of yoga and meditation when training as a school teacher thirty years ago. Since that time she has trained as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga, and undertaken extra study modules in Meditation and Personal growth. She continues to study and practise Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques under the guidance of Maarten Vermasse, and regularly attends silent insight meditation retreats at Gaia House. In 2013 Karen undertook training with Enter Mindfulness to teach the Mindfulness 8-week course. She also organises and teaches yoga and mindfulness workshops, as well as teaching part-time in a primary school.

Eulina Clairmont

Eulina is a qualified teacher of A level humanities. She met Helen Stephenson 20 years ago and has attended her mindfulness and yoga sessions since. Eulina continues to attend mindfulness and yoga training here and abroad.

Over the years it is evident that the fast pace of life, changes in family life and dominance of social media in the lives of young people, is having a negative effect on their mental health. Eulina focusses on bringing mindfulness into schools and colleges working with young people to empower them to manage their emotions in this ever changing world.

Per Norrgren

Per is the Director of Training and founder of inMindSight. 11 years ago, I started feeling the toll of executive working in the IT industry. Something was not right, I was tired, irritable, constantly worrying and could not see a way out. But then, tried mindfulness.
To start with, I was curious but not convinced but eventually it changed everything for me. Through the practice if found my way to overcome and manage my anxiety, stress and rumination. Able to let go and for the first time feel what it is like to live fully, to live in the moment.
My mindfulness journey has taken me through teacher training with Oxford and Bangor universities mindfulness centres, being a visiting mindfulness tutor at Cranfield School of Management and now an Associate Teacher with Oxford Mindfulness centre.
I feel great gratitude for the opportunity to share mindfulness and give the opportunity to others to experience the profound positive impact it can have on wellbeing and performance.
In his own time, Per supports the local school teacher’s community in the Algarve running mindfulness courses and working with Centro de Formação Dr. Rui Grácio in Lagos. Before moving to Portugal, Per supported his local community in Bedford, UK, with a free weekly mindfulness group that had some 300 members. He maintains strong links with Bangor University as committee member of the Friends of Bangor CMRP Alumni Group.