Yeshoda has been meditating since she was around 6 years old, but after a serious episode of depression she sought out new ways to cope with her anxiety and ADHD and found mindfulness. She started teaching in 2017 under the guidance of Helen. 


She works with individuals to help them learn about depression, anxiety and ADHD. She specialises in helping people understand, accept and work with their lives as they are, in order to reach their goals. It can be so difficult to find ways to manage your life, and getting stuck in the what ifs or if onlys can only add to that difficulty. Using mindfulness based practices can be a gentle way to not only improve your mental health and quality of life but also to boost you up towards your goals and passions. 


Yeshoda also runs a clinic specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders in children. She works with parents by providing psychoeducation and implementing health psychology models to help them understand and comfortably adhere to treatment programs for their children.

Academic Qualifications and Experience:

  • MSc Mental Health Studies – Kings College London
  • BSc Psychology and Counselling – Middlesex University
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy with Helen Stephenson and Dr Patrizia Collard, Enter Mindfulness, London 2017-2021
  • SOMA Youth Mindfulness
  • Designed an adaptive and kind culture to keep employees motivated and team focused thus increasing employee satisfaction (average employee remains at SCTC for 4 years)
  • Created a new membership based therapy system to provide families with more flexibility and continuous care, both remotely and in person.
  • Created a health psychology based programme to help increase empower clients and therapy adherence for children.
  • Designed and implemented a series of digital workshops on different developmental issues (ASD, ADHD etc.) to increase mental health awareness and improve therapy adherence.
  • Successfully consulted with clinic operations through remote working while completing my Higher Education in London.
  • Counselling and Psychoeducation for parents of children who have been recently diagnosed with developmental or mental health diversity. 
  • Board Member of Emirates International School (Both branches) as an inclusion and mental health expert.


  • Used evidence based mindfulness training techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and the recurrence of depression with clients ranging from 27 to 57 years of age
  • Adapted the 8-Week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course for effective online dissemination with similar positive outcomes to an in-person course with 98% satisfaction.
  • Designed and conducted mindfulness based workshops with corporate clients (ENBD, Varal UAE, SCTC) in order to boost employee mental health during the pandemic.
  • Uses mindfulness based techniques to speak with young people to help empower them to look after their needs and manage their time and emotional well-being.
  • 8 week MBCT
  • Everyday Mindfulness 
  • Burnout and Stress reduction for employees 
  • Self-care Workshops
  • Neurodiversity Psycho-education
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