Learning a new skill requires commitment and effort, but when we persevere it becomes easy, effortless and enjoyable.  After the initial effort of learning and practicing the basics of Mindfulness we are now reasonably familiar with its territory.

In this course we will progress to the next stage where we can use mindfulness with ease and in a relaxed manner. As such it will feel less of a task and more enjoyable.

The course draws on my 40 years of experience gained through attending silent retreats and through the teachings of my Indian yoga teacher Sri S. Rajagopalan. This course is for those who previously attended a mindfulness course.

You will learn

  • the four foundations of mindfulness
  • micro meditations for short daily practice
  • new practices
  • simple yoga moves for relaxation and well being
  • “unhooking” the mind from its chatter

In case you miss a session I can see you for an individual meeting (Maximum twice) helping you to stay on track.

Course Information

We hope to return to the Quaker Centre in 2021 – dates to be confirmed.

Cost per session: £24.00