A. C. E stands for Awareness, Connection, and Expansion

A. C. E  was developed by Helen Stephenson. It is the fruit of over forty years of teaching and practicing spiritual mindful yoga, Insight meditation, and being a qualified counselor.

A is for awareness which is the ability to pay careful and caring attention to all that arises in us and to all that we are aware of that is around us. It enables us to be fully present in our lives, as they are lived moment by moment. It increases our ability to have more moments in which we perceive the exquisite vividness and richness of each moment. (Picture of lights)

C is what we long for from the moment when we are born until we die. To be connected with others, with nature, the earth below, the sky above. When in nature, we can feel more at peace. When with others we feel alive, inspired, held, and accepted for what we are. By being with others, we meet ourselves. When connecting with ourselves with love and tenderness we experience a sense of coming home and with it a glimpse of an unbound freedom to be who we are. And the deepest love is revealed to us in moments of connection with presence, silence, and space.

E is expanding beyond the limitations of our small self, our views, and our ideas – it allows us to hold dearly what is meaningful and at the same time to let go of what isn’t serving us anymore. It makes space for new possibilities, stepping out of the known into the unknown, with courage and determination. It is a deeper knowing that knows that we can access our powerful resources for insight, transformation, and healing through being aware of the vastness that is in us and around us.

3 days of mindfulness

Awareness Connection Expansion

Location: Quaker centre, Milton Keynes, Downhead Park, 1 Oakley Gardens, MK15 9BH
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Awareness –   Completed ✔️

Connection –  Completed ✔️

Expansion –    Completed✔️


Time: 10:00 – 13.00


The sessions can be booked individually for £45.00 per session

Cancellation policy: To cancel or book we would ask for 48 hours notice.