A Day in the Life of Our Mindfulness Retreat


Welcome to a glimpse into a typical day at our mindfulness retreat, held at the serene Cortijo El Azahar in Bedar, Spain. Our schedule is designed to promote calm, clarity, and connection through a blend of sitting practices, movement, communal activities, and personal time. Here’s what a day with us looks like:

8:00 AM – Sit and Movement Practice

We begin our day with a gentle sit and movement practice. This session helps to awaken the body and mind, setting a peaceful tone for the day ahead.

9:30 AM – Breakfast

Enjoy a nutritious breakfast prepared with mindfulness. This is a time to nourish the body and engage in mindful eating practices

11:00 AM – Check-In and Planning the Day

After breakfast, we gather for a check-in session where we share our intentions for the day and outline the schedule. This helps everyone to stay connected and aligned.

11:30 AM – Sit and Movement Practice

Our mid-morning session involves another sit and movement practice, deepening our mindfulness and enhancing our physical and mental well-being.

1:00 PM – Preparation for Lunch: Chopping Vegetables

Lunch preparation is a communal activity where we mindfully chop vegetables and prepare our meal together. This practice fosters a sense of community and mindfulness in everyday tasks.

1:30 PM – Lunch

We enjoy a wholesome lunch together, practicing mindful eating and appreciating the food and company.

1:30 PM – Lunch

We enjoy a wholesome lunch together, practicing mindful eating and appreciating the food and company.

2:30 PM – Cleaning After Lunch, then Individual Quiet and Free Time

After lunch, we clean up together, followed by personal quiet time. This period allows for reflection, rest, or personal activities in a serene environment.

4:00 PM or 4:30 PM – Sit and Movement Practice

In the late afternoon, we engage in another session of sit and movement practice, helping to sustain our mindfulness and relaxation.

6:00 PM – Preparation for Dinner

We come together to prepare dinner, continuing our practice of mindfulness in daily activities.

6:30 PM – Dinner

Dinner is served, and we gather to eat mindfully, savoring each bite and enjoying the shared experience.

7:30 PM – Clean Up After Dinner

After dinner, we clean up as a group, maintaining mindfulness and cooperation

8:00 PM or 8:30 PM – Sit Practice

We conclude the day with a final sit practice, allowing us to wind down and reflect on the day’s experiences. This session prepares us for a restful night.


Each day at our mindfulness retreat at Cortijo El Azahar in Bedar, Spain, is carefully curated to balance group activities and individual time, promoting overall well-being. We hope this glimpse into our schedule inspires you to join us and experience the tranquility and clarity that mindfulness can bring.